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Tips For Growing Organic Plants

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Growing an organic garden meant to be healthy and productive first implies making a decision about its location as well as its preparation for planting.

Organic Fertilizer For Growing Organic Plants

In order to have an organic garden, you must eliminate chemical fertilizers and pesticides and use safe substances instead, to improve the quality of the soil and protect the plants. You must also purchase organic seeds to start with.

Prepare the soil

Add sulfur if the soil is too alkaline, or lime to reduce its acidity; the acidic soil has a pH higher than 7.0, while the alkaline soil is lower than 7.00.

Use organic fertilizers

If you plan to have an organic garden, then the fertilizers must be organic. Manure obtained from horses, chickens or sheep is ideal to provide the soil with the fertilizers it needs. Avoid as much as possible using pesticides and chemicals. This applies not only to the garden itself, but also to the area nearby. If next to the vegetable garden you have a lawn and sprinkle it with chemical solutions constantly, you can be sure that your garden is actually not as organic as you may like to believe.

Compost from food scraps is also an excellent solution for organic gardening.  Find other organic lawn care products to help with drought tolerance and maintain green grass, see https://www.revive.com/how-revive-works/how-it-works.


where to buy
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