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Tips for Preparing Your Houseplants for Fall

The Labor Day weekend marks the beginning of the period when temperatures start to drop and when garden owners should start preparing their plants for the special challenges of fall. The process involves more than just grabbing the potted plants that you moved outdoors in spring and move them indoors – here are a few […]

How to Bring Back Dead Grass

The unsightly, yellow and brown patches of dead grass might look worrying, but fortunately they are easy to remedy – here is how: Identify the cause – dead patches might be caused by a number of reasons, including grass disease that appears because of excessive watering and animal urine; Remove the dead grass – the […]

Tips for Protecting Your Lawn from Aphids

  The tiny, sap-sucking insects known as aphids are among the worst enemies of lawns – when they appear on your lawn, they suck out the life of your precious turf in no time, leaving behind dried, yellow leaves covered in a black, sticky substance (the secretion of aphids). There are several methods to get […]

How to Design A Drought Tolerant Urban Landscape

  Urban environments are hotter and drier than rural areas, therefore garden owners in the city need to be very careful when they choose the plants for their landscape and when they create the design for the space. If you have lawn small lawn areas, be sure to plant drought tolerant grasses and apply organic […]

Why It’s Important To Choose Organic Lawn Fertilizer

  When it comes to lawn fertilizers, you can choose between mineral fertilizers and organic fertilizers. When it comes to mineral fertilizers, you will often encounter the term NPK. NPK refers to nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Why are these elements important? Nitrogen is needed for growing. Phosphorus strengthens the roots and provides […]

Saving Water During Smart Irrigation Month

  For those who do not know, Smart Irrigation Month is a campaign created  by the Irrigation Association to increase public awareness of the importance of saving water during the hot season`s peak demand. There are annual  activities bringing together water providers, irrigation companies and other industry professionals like those who make the best lawn […]

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