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Best Practices for Preventing Brown Spots in Grass

In order to prevent brown spots in grass, one of the best practices to apply is to avoid watering it too often. The most recommended routine is that of watering your lawn every few days, and applying deep watering, i.e. about ½ inches for every watering session. Reducing thatch can be another good method to […]

The Best Soil Treatment for Lowering Your Soil’s pH

The basic elements for a balanced soil, which decisively influence the development of plants (phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium), are assimilated by them depending on the pH values: phosphorus is assimilated at pH 6.5-8, nitrogen at a pH of 6-8.5, and potassium at a pH higher than6. Other elements: sulfur pH > 6, iron pH < 6.5, […]

Revive Featured In Colorado Green Magazine

Revive was recently featured in the Colorado Green Magazine. The Colorado Green is ALCC’s print magazine for the Rocky Mountain region green industry. Check out the magazine story here. Click the link for more information about the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado.  

Best Liquid Aeration Product – Revive

  A well-kept lawn is a physical representation of the American Dream of home ownership. A beautiful, well-maintained lawn is symbolic of success. People can tell you have the time and/or resources to support this attraction. Since grassroots require oxygen to grow, it can sometimes be challenging to ensure that they get enough of it […]

Getting Tips from an Expert Gardener: The Use of Solid Fertilizer

When it comes to options of soil treatment, solid fertilizers are among the most popular options due to the great features of these products, including affordable pricing and easy application. If you are considering using solid fertilizer in your garden, here are some tips from the experts: Choose the best fertilizing method – solid fertilizers […]

How to Make Grass Green with Minimal Expenses

If you have made up your mind to have alone that is so green it turns heads, you probably know that mowing the grass and watering the turf are the two most important activities to ensure that your loan is beautiful indeed. However, you must also know that spending time and energy watering and mowing […]

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