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What Is a Tree Sunscald and How Can You Prevent It?

If you’ve been to the north and inspected some of the trees’ south-facing sides, you might have noticed signs of what is called a tree sunscald. A sunscald typically occurs when temperatures in the wintertime rise just above freezing during the day, then drop to 5-6 degrees or more below freezing.   What happens is […]

Why Is It Important to Fertilize Your Lawn in the Fall?

Most believe that fertilizing the lawn is a simple matter. After all, “it’s just lawn.” However, if you live in a neighborhood where lawn quality and appearance is considered very important, then you’ll definitely have to do some research about why fertilizing your lawn is important and how you can choose the right type of […]

Tips for Deciding on the Best Time to Plant Trees

Fall, especially the period when the ground is still warm, but no longer excessively hot, such as late August and early September, is the best time to plant many different varieties of trees, while spring is the best time for fruit trees. Here are some more details: In fall, there is less chance for drought […]

Fall Lawn and Garden Pests and How to Avoid Them

Many amateur gardeners think that spring is the busiest time for garden pests, but the truth is that fall is even busier. The reason is simple: most garden creatures, whether harmful or useful, seek shelter for the cold months and knowing that freezing weather will arrive soon makes them more active. The signs of increased […]

Tips for Preparing Your Houseplants for Fall

The Labor Day weekend marks the beginning of the period when temperatures start to drop and when garden owners should start preparing their plants for the special challenges of fall. The process involves more than just grabbing the potted plants that you moved outdoors in spring and move them indoors – here are a few […]

How to Bring Back Dead Grass

The unsightly, yellow and brown patches of dead grass might look worrying, but fortunately they are easy to remedy – here is how: Identify the cause – dead patches might be caused by a number of reasons, including grass disease that appears because of excessive watering and animal urine; Remove the dead grass – the […]

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