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What Is the Best Type of Grass for Colorado?

The success of your Colorado lawn depends on many factors, the grass variety that you choose being essential. Your lawn needs to meet lots of requirements – here are some aspects to consider when picking your grass variety: The climate and the altitude – Colorado is a huge state with several climate zones, some hot […]

How Can Lawn Fertilizer Save My Dead Lawn?

If your lawn has lost its beauty because dry patches keep appearing one after the other, one of the best ways to cure your turf is by adding the right type of fertilizer. Many things can kill your lawn, the principle causes being incorrect lawn care, fungal infestations and burning by animal urine, but they […]

How To Bring Back Dead Grass From Dog Urine

Lawn burning is caused by nitrogen in the dog’s urine. Because it contains a lot of nitrogen, when the dog urinates it is as if the grass is treated with fertilizer, which, used in small measures is really beneficial, but in large measures kills the grass, causing those unaesthetic brown spots. Prevention of this problem […]

Brown Patches On Lawn – What Are The Most Common Causes

The most common reason for brown spots on the lawn is improper care. Dehydration is often behind these unsightly areas, because the lawn can burn in direct sunlight and at high temperatures, in combination with inadequate irrigation. But there are other causes that need to be investigated. Browning by fungal attack Lawn mushrooms are widespread […]

Brown Spots In Grass – How Should You Get Rid Of Them

If grass turns brown in some places, this can be caused by adult dog urine or too much fertilizer. Brown spots are not just unaesthetic and destroy the aspect of your entire lawn, but they are a sign that something unhealthy occurred there, burning the grass. Adult dog urine is rich in nitrogen, just like […]

Advantages Of Using Organic Liquid Fertilizer This Summer

It is estimated that, in general, the application of fertilizers can lead to a 40-60% increase in production. The type of fertilizer (organic or chemical) greatly regulates the quality of the product obtained. Farmers around the world use chemical fertilizers, but recently there has been a return to the use of organic liquid fertilizers, due […]

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