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What Makes Lawns So Many Different Shades Of Green?

The reason why your lawn has so many different shades of green may be the type of grass in itself. Moreover, there also can be some environment-related issues that cause this to happen. A deep green grass lawn is usually associated with healthy, nitrogen-rich plants. Yellower shades indicate low levels of nitrogen. The different shades […]

Quick Cover Ups For Brown Patches In My Lawn

Brown patches are caused by a number of factors, which include chemicals, fungus, drought, lack of fertilization, and so on. Despite the fact that fixing brown patches on lawn is not so difficult, you should take into account the best recommendations and procedures for making your grass grow again.   The first thing to do […]

Can My Grass Grow Too Fast?

Grass can grow pretty fast, depending on certain details. Lawns look their very best when they are mowed short. A very good idea would be to plant grass which grows more slowly and still apply an organic fertilizer. These types of grass are usually quite resistant to drought or other harsh conditions. By planting this […]

5 Benefits Of Organic Lawn Care

We all want our lawn to look great, healthy and luxurious. In order to achieve that, there are many products available on the market. Nevertheless, not all lawn products are the same. Many people may consider that in order to have a nice lawn, you have no choice but to use chemicals and pesticides. The […]

Does Dog Urine Damage My Grass More In The Summer?

Due to its high nitrogen content, dog urine can do a lot of damage to your lawn. Despite the fact that nitrogen typically is a good thing for your lawn, if applied in excess and, of course, not diluted in water, nitrogen can definitely burn and scorch your lawn. A very good way of combating […]

Should I Fertilize My Grass In The Summer?

Although it may seem difficult to keep your lawn in a good state in the summer, it is not impossible to do that. All you need to do is get the basic details. First of all, it is recommended to fertilize your grass in early summer. This causes the so-called warm-season grass to grow. Nevertheless, […]

When Should I Worry About Weeds In My Lawn?

Weeds can be an unpleasant presence in any homeowner’s lawn. They tend to grow until they become a really big problem. But the good news is, there ways in which you can get rid of unwanted weeds in your lawn, and in which you can prevent them from sprouting and spreading.   Although we may […]

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