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Can I Fertilize and Seed At The Same Time

As the weather warms up and you start thinking about revitalizing your lawn, you might be tempted to combine fertilizing with seeding in hopes of saving time and effort. However, experts advise against this—let’s discuss why and how to get the best results for your lawn. Why You Shouldn’t Fertilize and Seed Simultaneously Nutrient Competition: […]

Do Organic Lawn Fertilizers Really Work

Most homeowners want and even strive to have a beautiful and healthy lawn, but it’s not as easy as it seems. You can find yourself spending nearly every weekend mowing, aerating, and doing other tedious yard work only to not have the results you desire. One key step to keeping your lawn healthy is investing […]

Best Liquid Aeration Product – Revive

  A well-kept lawn is a physical representation of the American Dream of home ownership. A beautiful, well-maintained lawn is symbolic of success. People can tell you have the time and/or resources to support this attraction. Since grassroots require oxygen to grow, it can sometimes be challenging to ensure that they get enough of it […]

The Best Time of Day to Water Your Lawn

A beautiful, strong, velvety, green lawn is hard to achieve – to get that, you will need the right combination of water, sunshine and fertilization, and it helps to plant a drought tolerant grass. While there is not much you can do about the amount of sunshine that your lawn gets, you can certainly ensure […]

How To Revive Grass From Dog Urine

Your lawn may be the favorite play area for your entire household, including your canine friend, but if your dog also uses the lawn to urinate on it, you probably know how harmful dog urine is for grass. Dog urine contain nitrogen and other elements in high concentration that can burn the grass they come […]

where to buy
how it works