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How Revive Works

How Revive Can Stop Brown Spots and Make Your Grass Green Again

Revive is a natural organic soil treatment composed of processed plant byproducts, organic and decomposition extracts and fulvo-humates.

Revive has two primary modes of action. The first action is as a wetting agent that improves water penetration into hard-to wet soils. Revive lowers the surface and interfacial tensions of the soil/water relationship and allows the water to spread out and penetrate the soil. Revive improves plant root-zone moisture and improves soil drainage, not by changing the characteristics of the soil, but by changing the behavior of water.

Secondly, Revive acts as a chelating or sequestering agent in the soil. Essential nutrients (iron, zinc, etc.) can be tied up in the soil. Through this action, they become free and can attach to the root system of a plant thus they become available to the plant when needed. This is why it is recommended to use Revive each time fertilizer is applied. By using Revive, with proper watering and fertilizing, problems such as poor color and thickness, uneven growth and brown spots in lawns begin to disappear. These two primary actions are also associated with secondary actions that begin the process of increasing water-stable soil aggregates, which provide soil aeration and improve the soil’s water-holding capacity.

The DPW (Dehydrated Poultry Waste) Granule contains primary and secondary plant foods plus trace elements not found in conventional chemical wetting agents or fertilizers. Plants more effectively use these foods due to the chemical wetting and chelating properties of Revive that allow them to penetrate deep into the root zone, without being tied up in the soil.

  • Revive breaks up or loosens hard soils by increasing water penetration and root activity. 
  • Early spring applications of Revive help get your plants growing again and turn your lawn dark green.
  • Revive helps save water.
  • Revive lets you make better use of water by penetrating the soil deeper. 
  • Revive helps maintain the dark green color and thickness of the lawn, even through summertime heat and stress.

Although Revive is primarily regarded as an agent to improve turf health, vigor and appearance, it is equally effective for treating soils around trees and shrubs. Revive works on all types of soils: acid, neutral and alkaline. Revive’s water saving and problem-solving abilities are evident on hard-to-wet soils or soils that have developed a hydrophobic condition (water repelling). These soils can be identified by:

  • A lawn or spots in a lawn that will not respond to watering.
  • A lawn or spots in a lawn that responds slowly to watering.
  • A lawn that suffers from loss of color or inconsistent plant growth.
  • A lawn that requires frequent watering.
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