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Should You Use Organic Yard Products

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Every gardener wants a beautiful, rich garden, without diseases and pests. Many wonder how they can achieve this without spraying plants and crops with all kinds of insecticides, fungicides and other chemicals.Think Green Organic Lawn Products Care

The solution lies in opting for organic lawn care products. Here are some to consider:

Organic insecticides made with wild chrysanthemums

The flowers of wild chrysanthemums contain a substance called pyrethrin, from which you can make a very strong bio insecticide. It kills insects by paralysis, being very efficient against Colorado beetles, leaf lice and more.

Or organic insecticides made with sulfur and limestone

This is a very old solution, used in organic and conventional agriculture. It is applied during the rest period of plants. It kills most bugs and lice, as well as their eggs. It can also be used on fruit trees due to its fungicidal properties.

Organic insecticides made with tomato leaves

Surprisingly, healthy leaves from tomatoes make a good insecticide and fungicide. They contain toxic compounds that work against alkaloids.

Talcum powder

This substance is very good against earwigs and cockroaches. Just spread talcum powder over the leaves after each rain.

Beer as organic insecticide

With the help of beer you can get rid of snails in your garden. All you have to do is bury a pot at ground level and fill it with beer. Snails are attracted to beer and they will drown in the pot.



where to buy
how it works