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Lawn Care Tips in Drought Season

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In order to enjoy a green and healthy lawn in the drought season, you have to do a series of works for its proper

maintenance.  If you are just planting a lawn, think about planting a drought tolerant grass that will do good no matter

the amount of water it receives.

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In spring and autumn, the lawn should be mowed weekly, so that it does not grow more than 10 cm. In summer, when the growth rate decreases, it is good to keep the lawn at a height of 5-6 cm in order to retain moisture at the roots and avoid dehydration. Choose from the models of lawn mowers the right one for your lawn surface.


During the summer, automatic lawn irrigation is a great solution. Schedule the watering early in the morning, or late in the evening. This avoids a thermal shock and the water has time to reach the roots of the plants.

If you have an automatic installation installed, it is good to attach a humidity sensor to avoid over-irrigation, which may happen especially after drought periods.

In any case, it is better to irrigate less often, like once a week, using a large amount of water (water must penetrate 10 cm into the soil), than often and in smaller quantities.


The first fertilization of the year is done in the vegetative period – approximately at the beginning of April. The second is performed with chemical fertilizers with slow decomposition time – in June or early July.

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