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How to Fertilize Your Lawn in Different Seasons: A Seasonal Guide

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Fertilizing the lawn is one of the essential steps that must be done if you want a green and healthy lawn. Regular mowing the lawn contributes to the growth of strong roots, but has the disadvantage of decreasing the amount of nutrients needed for development by cutting the grass, forcing it to heal itself. This is where the role of fertilization and quality lawn care products come in.


Seasonal Fertilization Lawn Care Products


Normally, lawn fertilizer is applied about three times a year.


Spring (March-April)

Fertilization during this period ensures the growth and thickening of the grass. Slow-acting organic products are highly recommended, because a regularly trimmed lawn needs constant, not rapid, fertilization.


Summer (June-July)

In this season, it is necessary to restore the amount of nutrients in the soil, but without overdoing it.



Autumn fertilization is essential because, while the lawn will cease to grow on the surface, it will develop its roots during the winter, which will ensure a strong start with the arrival of the next spring.


Tip: When fertilizing, you will need to make sure that the soil is properly irrigated, so that it supports the optimal absorption of nutrients. Specialists recommend irrigating the lawn one or two days before applying the fertilizer. After the application, allow it to dry and then irrigate again slightly. This way, the water will clean the blades of grass and will facilitate the penetration of nutrients into the soil.

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