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How Drought Tolerant Grass Survives During Extreme Dry Periods

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It is well-known that lawns can radically change the look of a yard. A house surrounded by this stretch of pure and uniform green grass becomes a much more attractive sight and leaves the impression of a well-kept space. But before you start planning your lawn sowing, find out what type of lawn is best for you.drought tolerant grass revive products

Choose drought-resistant lawn seeds and you will enjoy thick green grass even in areas with strong sun exposure, and dry or eroded soil.

Drought tolerant grass is typically obtained from a mixture of several types of seeds, the most common being Lolium perenne, Festuca heterophylla, Festuca arudinacea and Festuca rubra. These seeds must be sown in a well-worked soil, with a compact structure and constant humidity, plus a higher intake of nutrients and proper irrigation. Drought tolerant grass sown in unfavorable conditions can still have a good resistance if:

  • the sowing surface was well prepared
  • the sowing was done correctly
  • lawn maintenance is done properly

Lawn maintenance tips:

  • The lawn should not be cut at a height of less than 5 cm.
  • During drought periods, you can allow it to grow a bit more.
  • An addition of nutrients is necessary, and once a year NPK fertilizers must be administered, for better rooting.
  • Tufts of dry grass must be removed from the lawn.


where to buy
how it works