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Getting Ready to Hibernate Your Yard for Winter

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Winter can be hard on your entire garden, including your lawn, therefore preparing your turf and the other components of your landscape for freezing temperatures and low light conditions is essential for having strong, luscious grass the following year. Here are some tips for you about how to prepare your entire yard for the winter:Use Best Lawn Fertilizer In Fall For Yard Hibernation

  • Reduce or cut off irrigation – plants need less water when the temperatures are lower, so adjust the amount of water to the changing weather conditions and stop irrigating completely before the first frost;
  • Aerate the soil – poking small holes that improve the penetration of oxygen into the ground is also very important;
  • Adjust the mowing height – leave the grass a bit higher, ideally at 2 ½-3 inches, to reduce weather-related stress;
  • Remove dried leaves – raking dead leaves might seem like a continuous struggle, but it is essential to preserve the health of your soil;
  • Remove weeds – the best way to do it is by hand, grabbing the weed at the base and pulling out the stems as well as the roots;
  • Spread compost or fertilize – give your yard plants plenty of nourishment with the best best lawn fertilizer available to make it easier for them to survive winter;
  • Reseed your turf – this is the way to get rid of brown or yellow patches on your lawn. Make sure to remove all the thatch first and then water the new seeds.
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how it works