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You Should Still Water The Trees During Winter On The Dry Days

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With the beginning of winter, trees are also exposed to the severe weather (cold wind, ice, snow or sometimes even drought), and although they look strong, the harsh climatic conditions stress them. If you want to have vigorous and healthy trees in spring, do not neglect them in the cold season.  Make sure to use a good organic fertilizer twice a year, certainly before winter sets in.

Winter Watering Applying Organic Fertilizer


Here’s how to care for the trees in your garden, in early winter:


Use mulch


In autumn and early winter, add a layer of mulch around the trees. It will retain moisture in the soil and reduce temperature variations. In addition, the mulch layer protects the roots from frost.


Water the trees


At the beginning of winter, you can irrigate the trees every so often, to make sure they have enough water. For irrigation, choose days when it is cold outside, but the soil and trees are not frozen. At least in the case of young trees that need more resources to grow and survive, watering is essential in winter.


Ensure drainage


Besides irrigation and mulching, another way of ensuring the optimum level of moisture in the soil during the cold season is soil drainage. A poorly drained soil shrinks and expands more, compared to a well-drained soil and may also fail to keep the root firmly buried at the proper depth.


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