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What To Do With Your Christmas Tree After The Holidays

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Once the Winter Holidays are over, the Christmas tree is most often thrown away. However, there are other options you can consider to put it to a good use.

Here are some things you can do with your Christmas trees after the holidays.

Mulch Organic Fertilizers

  1. If you have a garden, you surely need stakes to support vegetables such as tomatoes or cucumbers. Use branches from your Christmas tree, after you clean them from twigs and needles.
  2. Make compost from the wood and needles. Just chop your tree up with an ax or use an automatic chopper. Scatter this residue through the garden at the roots of the plants, to block weed growth. As it decomposes, it will also turn into nutrients for the soil.
  3. Fir branches can protect perennial crops from frost and the weight of the snow, in the cold season.
  4. Dried branches can be used to light a barbecue fire. You can also allow the trunk of the tree to dry up properly and then cut it into pieces that can be used in your stove or fireplace.
  5. If you live near a pond or a lake, you can simply put the fir into the water to become a fish shelter for the rest of winter.

Christmas Tree branches makes great mulch for flower gardens and other areas of your yard.  For great results come Spring, use organic fertilizers products from https://www.revive.com/.


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