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Troubleshooting Common Lawn Issues: Brown Spots, Fungus, and More

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Lawn diseases are a topic of interest for all those who have a landscaped yard, as well as for those who want to start a garden design project. Sometimes, maintaining a garden, in the medium and long term, can cost more than originally planned. That’s because we tend to ignore the signs that the plants are giving to us. As in the case of human diseases, plants show some symptoms before reaching a very serious stage of the disease.

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All we have to do is observe, identify, and act properly. Whether you do this on your own with products from Revive or hire someone, symptoms should be identified from an early stage. This reduces the costs of the necessary treatments and decreases the risks of being required to regrow your entire lawn.

Common lawn issues include:

Dollar Spot

  • Produced by a fungus called Sclerotinia homeocarpa.
  • The best prevention method is to maintain the correct levels of nitrogen in the soil, through adequate Also, ensure proper irrigation, to make sure that the plants are not stressed by drought.

Leaf staining

  • Generated by the fungus Rhizoctonia solani.
  • This disease occurs due to the utilization of nitrogen-based fertilizers in too large quantities. Therefore, it is important to calculate the nitrogen amounts very well before applying them.


  • Lawn molds are generally produced by fungi Typhula spp and Microdochium nivale.
  • In order to prevent their apparition, it is recommended to trim the lawn before the winter and to clean it from leaves and twigs. This way, moisture will not be retained on the surface. If the lawn is affected in large areas, you can use fungicides. The application is recommended to be done in late autumn, before the first snowfall.
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