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Brown Patches On Lawn – What Are The Most Common Causes

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The most common reason for brown spots on the lawn is improper care. Dehydration is often behind these unsightly areas, because the lawn can burn in direct sunlight and at high temperatures, in combination with inadequate irrigation.

patches on lawn need revive products

But there are other causes that need to be investigated.

Browning by fungal attack

Lawn mushrooms are widespread and grow especially if the lawn is permanently moist and lacks the necessary nutrients. There are types of fungi that can cause spots in the lawn, colored from yellow to brown.

  • The following methods effectively prevent fungal attacks:
  • Using adequate fertilizer: The lawn must be sufficiently supplied with nutrients.
  • Good lawn ventilation
  • Wind protection: Wind is a factor that favors the spread of fungi, but fences and hedges will prevent this.
  • Proper lawn irrigation

Dog urine

Sharing your yard with a canine companion can be another reason for of brown patches on the lawn, because the adult dog’s urine contains nitrogen, which can burn the grass, especially if the dog gets in the habit of urinating several times in the same place. Fortunately, restoring the grass after it has been destroyed by dog ​​urine is quick and easy, if you get the right information and the right lawn repair products.


where to buy
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