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March Gardening: Preparing Your Garden for Spring

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With the appearance of the first signs of Spring, you need to start preparing your garden for what comes next. In the case of mild winters, these activities can begin even before the end of February or the start of March.

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Beautifying and cleaning the garden

Everything must begin with a general cleaning. If this operation is not done correctly, you may end up with your harvest affected by specific diseases or pests. What you need to do is to remove any dry or rotted vegetation, be sure to apply a good organic fertilizer Denver stores have available. Sweep the garden, rake the surface of the soil and beautify trees, vines and rose bushes. Do not forget to repair the fence, restore the pathways and make sure that your whole garden looks impeccable.

Using fertilizer and aerate the soil

Whether you are going to plant vegetables, flowers or herbs in your garden, it is recommended to fertilize the soil. For a rich harvest it is necessary that the soil contains enough nutrients and substances that can support even the subsequent harvest. So, use natural manure, or specific nutrient compost. Apply it to the ground and distribute it evenly. Then wait a few days and plow the soil; in this way, the fertilizer will be effectively incorporated. In addition, the rains that will follow allow the nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil.

Drainage of wetlands and irrigation of dry areas

Depending on the specifics of the winter that has just passed you will have to make sure that the soil is ready for planting. Areas with excess water should be drained, and dry ones must be watered occasionally.

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