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Organic Fertilizer – Important Things To Know Before Using It

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The elements contained in organic fertilizers are important for preserving soil fertility, raising the amount of humus and improving soil structure.

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The advantages of a good organic fertilizer:

  • Besides the fact that decomposing releases nutrients, organic fertilizers improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to retain water and nutrients. In the long run, they will increase the health and fertility of the soil.
  • Since they are slow release, their administration cannot produce a super fertilization that damages the plants.
  • The risk of accumulation of toxic substances for plants is excluded, or very low.
  • Organic fertilizers are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and ecological.
  • Bought from the stores, organic fertilizers can be quite expensive, but the good nes is that you can obtain them at low costs, in your household, by processing manure or preparing compost.

There are also certain limitations regarding the use of organic fertilizers:

  • Their composition can be very variable.
  • Organic materials are a diluted source of nutrients.
  • They can be expensive.
  • Organic fertilizers can be messy and require more work to apply them properly.
  • The release of nutrients is very variable and reflects the n microbiological activity, which generally increases and decreases with the temperature of the soil.


The recommended quantities depend on the type of vegetation, the organic fertilizer used, the fertilization recipe and the reserves of nutrients in the soil.

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