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Landscaping for Privacy: Ideas for Creating Serene Outdoor Spaces

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If you dream of a secret and serene garden, away from prying eyes, you may need some clever tricks to perfectly “camouflage” your little green paradise. Not all people can afford the investment of huge walls and sophisticated fences, but there are some solutions that require your patience, in exchange for the privacy you need.  Make sure to keep your lawn looking great too, with the best lawn fertilizer available in your area.

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Designing your secret garden:

Whether you want the entire surface of your garden to be completely private, or you want to hide only a part of it, the “recipe” remains the same: you have to plant or build something that will block its visibility.

One option is to plant shrubs that grow tall enough to fulfill their role as “walls”. Here are some species that grow rapidly and can be ideal for your purpose:

  • English roses
  • Cornus Alba Elegantissima (horsewood)
  • dwarf conifers
  • rhododendron
  • Azalea (Mountain rose)

Another excellent option for arranging a secret garden is to plant ornamental grass, which grows tall and dense enough to ensure the privacy of the space it surrounds. Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus grows up to 2 meters high, and its thin threads with silvery sparkles will add a special visual effect.

Vines and other plants that grow on trellises can also hide the space that you want to protect from prying eyes. Lavatera is a very good example; it grows up to 1.5 meters tall and blooms from June to late autumn.

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