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Dealing with Different Plants and Their Varying Need for Sunlight

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Some of the plants that needs the greatest care to have a healthy and beautiful appearance are those incorporated in the lawn. The type of natural grass must be chosen according to the type of climate in which it develops and the care it is given.  Different varieties of lawn not only look different, but also respond to different requirements. In order to enjoy your lawn for a long time, you need to know how to deal with different plants and their varying need for sunlight, so that you can choose the right options.

Organic fertilizer green lawn

The types of lawn can be classified into two large groups:

  • Lawn for hot climate
  • Lawn for temperate and cold climate

Lawn for hot climate includes the following types of plants:

  • Bermuda: This grass is commonly used in private gardens, parks and even sport fields. It is the most drought tolerant grass and does not bear frost at all.
  • Grass Bay: This variety does not require much watering or fertile soil and has deep roots, so it can withstand traffic. It is often used to stabilize the soil.
  • Kikuyu: A broad-leaved grass, common in the gardens of the Mediterranean coast, as it can withstand the saline climate, heat and drought.

Lawn for temperate and cold climates includes species such as Agrostis, Fescue and Ray-Grass, as they do not require too much maintenance and withstand extreme climates.  No matter the type of grass you plant, applying a really good organic fertilizer will help immensely.



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