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When Is The Best Time To Stop Mowing The Lawn?

Thursday, November 29th 2018 posted by Revive

To keep your lawn healthy, you need to periodically fertilize it, pull out weeds, water it and mowing the grass. It is important to choose the right time for the first and the last mowing operations, in order to have a beautifully green lawn during the warm months, when you spend more time in your yard.

The timing and frequency of lawn mowing is determined by its purpose, grass variety, soil characteristics, illumination and other growth conditions.

The first lawn mowing is done when the grass has reached a height of 10 cm. This first trimming is actually a leveling operation that ensures a uniform aspect. As far as the trimming frequency is concerned, the lawn must be trimmed whenever its appearance becomes uneven. Most people do this operation once every two weeks.

During autumn, you should gradually lower the base of the lawn mower, every time you trim the grass. If you leave the grass grow too tall during the winter months, you will only favor the invasion of field mice and other animals looking for a warm sleeping place. They can destroy large portions of the lawn by building nests. Make sure the grass is as short as possible at the end of the autumn and use the best lawn fertilizer to feed your lawn during the cold months. The last lawn mowing must to be done at the end of the fall, about two weeks before the first snow.