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Should YouKeep Fall Leaves On Your Grass During Winter?

Wednesday, January 02nd 2019 posted by Revive

In autumn, the weather becomes less favorable to the vegetation and you can expect it to affect your lawn, in some degree. Humidity, low temperatures and low light tend to have a negative effect on the grass. That's why you need to take care of it a bit more than during the summer.

Dead leaves should not be left on the lawn, where they fell from the trees. Contrary to popular belief that dead leaves are a natural fertilizer, beneficial for vegetation, they may actually prove harmful to the grass and the plants beneath them, because they will prevent the light and air from reaching them. The most effective solution is to gather dried leaves with special tools, such as vacuum cleaners with collector bags that absorbs vegetable matter and chop it, for better storage. However, if you do not have time to gather the dead leaves on your lawn, a handy solution is to pass the lawn mower over them. By breaking them into small pieces, they become harmless to the lawn, which will grow greener and more beautiful the next spring.

Alternatively, turn them into compost. Dead leaves are great for this, since they are rich in carbon, which helps break them down. So, gather the shredded leaves into a bag or throw them into a crusher, then put the result on the compost pile. Remember that the shredded leaves will decompose faster.  For other organic fertilizers, visit