Application and Spreader Settings

HOSE END SPRAYERS (1 Gallon covers 4000 square feet)

ORTHO HOSE END SPRAYER: It takes 32 ounces of Revive to cover 1000 square feet. Set your Ortho sprayer on the highest setting or ratio which is 8 ounces / gallon. Therefore to spray 32 ounces of Revive your sprayer will have to apply approximately 4 gallons of spray solution. The sprayer puts out approximately 2 gallons / minute and most people normally spray about 1000 square feet / minute. This will require a normal person to walk very slow or possibly make two trips to apply the desired amount.


Mix 8 ounces of REVIVE with 1 gallon of water. Treat dry spots and water in.

Try Revive Ready Spray Liquid

GRANULAR SPREADERS (1 bag covers 5000 square feet)

  • Cyclone Rotary (6)
  • Earthway Rotary (15)
  • Ortho Drop Spreader Rotary (7)
  • Republic Easy Grow Rotary (14)
  • Republic Easy (Ortho) Rotary (8)
  • Scotts Drop Spreaders (Accugreen) (8)
  • Scotts Easy Green Rotary (30)
  • Scotts Speedy Green Rotary (8)
  • Scotts Basic Broadcast (10)
  • Scotts Standard Broadcast (10)
  • Scotts Deluxe EdgeGuard (10)
  • Vigoro 15,000 (5)

PLEASE REMEMBER: Settings are approximate due to walking speed and overlap. Water in heavily on your next scheduled watering day. Moderate over-application of Revive will not burn or hurt your lawn. Reapply every 4 weeks during severe heat and drought or as conditions warrant.


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