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Troubleshooting Brown Spots in Grass – Can the Exact Cause Be Determined?

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Once you notice brown spots developing in your grass, it can feel like a cause for alarm. But do not fear: with the right tools and information, you can determine their cause and craft a plan of action.

Brown Spots in Grass

When examining outdoor grass for brown spots, several questions are essential:

  • What is the cause of the brown spots?
  • Is it a shallow or deep issue?
  • Does the soil need to be amended?
  • Are there insect issues?


First, consider the season and location

The time of year and location of the brown spots in grass can be telling. While many grass species experience winter or drought-related dormancy, if the phenomenon persists, it may be an indication of an underlying issue.


Identify the issue

Understanding the issue requires a more involved approach. Analyzing soil samples, testing for pH levels, and an insect inspection are all good next steps. Plant and grass experts may help narrow down the issue, and in some cases, even identify the exact cause.


Create an action plan

Once you understand the cause, you can develop an action plan to restore your grass, which can include things like adding a soil amendment or using an insecticide.


Start troubleshooting today!

Troubleshooting brown spots in your grass doesn’t have to be a mystery. With the right guidance and determination, you can identify the problem fast. Get your grass healthy again – start troubleshooting today!

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