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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Watch our video on how Revive has been making brown lawns green for the past four decades!

Learn More About Revive from Our Helpful Videos Below

Will Revive Help the Brown Spots on My Lawn?

Find out how to relieve your lawn of those unsightly brown spots.

Is It Okay to Apply Revive After Laying Sod or Seed?

Learn how Revive is the best for your new sod and seed.

Does Revive Work on All Grass Types?

Watch our video to learn more about Revive and your grass type.

Can I Use Revive Next Year?

Learn more about how to store your Revive for use next year.

Is Revive Safe for Children & Pets?

Watch our video on Revive safety.

What Are Ideal Conditions to Apply Revive?

Find out when to apply Revive for best results!

What’s the Difference Between Revive Granules & Ready Spray Liquid?

Find out which of our products are best fit for my lawn care needs?

Where Can I Use Revive?

Is Revive just for you lawn? Watch to find out!

How Long Does Revive Last?

Learn more about how often you’ll need to apply Revive.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Want to know how long it will be until your brown lawn is green again? Watch to find out!

When Should I Apply Revive?

Watch to learn what time of year is best to apply Revive.

where to buy
how it works