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Tips For Making Your Grass Drought Tolerant

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Having a beautiful lawn is not an easy thing. Grass suffers from constant stress, especially because of the drought and various diseases that attack it during the summer.

Here is how you can make your lawn more drought-tolerant.

Keep Drought Tolerant Grass Revived

  1. In June, before the temperatures rise too high, you can spread more grass seeds to fill empty areas. If you do this when the temperatures are already very high, the grass blades will grow weak and likely not resist.
  2. Sprinkle the lawn constantly, preferably in the morning or in the evening.
  3. To determine the level of water required, put on different areas of the lawn a few containers with the same diameter. Stop watering the lawn when the water level reaches 2.5 cm inside them.
  4. The lawn must be mowed regularly, but it is good to leave the grass blades a bit longer than usual, as the temperature rises, to ensure that their shadow preserves the moisture for a longer time and protect the roots. In July and August the grass can have 8-9 centimeters.
  5. After mowing the lawn, do not gather and remove the resulting grass; leave it there, as it reduces water evaporation from the soil and it also decomposes, fertilizing the soil.
  6. Do not fertilize the lawn in July; do it only after mid-August.  Find help to treat drought tolerant grasses https://www.revive.com/how-revive-works/how-it-works.


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