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The Best Plants to Attract Butterflies

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If watching the butterflies that visit your yard or garden is among your favorite pastimes and you want to make your landscape more attractive for these graceful and colorful critters, here are some


easy to cultivate plants that will attract butterflies of all sizes and colors to your flower beds:


Use Good Soil Treatment To Produce Plants That Attract Butterflies

  • The butterfly bush – this plant is, as the name shows, the perfect attraction for butterflies, preferred by a wide range of butterfly species, including monarchs, swallowtails and sulphurs;
  • Red and white clover – a small clover plantation will also attract a host of butterflies, including various species of skippers, gray hairstreaks and sleepy oranges;
  • Daisies – humble and beautiful daisies are great favorites with mourning cloaks and they are culinary delights for the caterpillars of the painted lady;
  • Poplar – the tree variety is preferred by garden owners for its fast growth rate and its resistance to illnesses. The tree is attractive for the tiger swallowtail, the mourning cloak, the spotted purple butterfly and the white admiral, therefore it is also a great favorite with butterfly enthusiasts;
  • Purple coneflower – the beautiful, purple-headed little flowers are great for boosting your immune system, they help with depression and they are great nectar sources for the wood-nymph butterfly.  With all these plants, you will want to apply a soil treatment for best results, and beautiful blooms.
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