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The Benefits of Using Organic Liquid Fertilizer for Your Lawn

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Unfortunately, it is not often the case that a garden naturally has the optimal conditions for maintaining the health of the lawn and usually they do not have the ideal composition of the soil, hydration and necessary nutrients. Moreover, regular lawn mowing can cause intense growth that leads to the thickening of the lawn, but this growth can be supported only by the supplementation of mineral elements in the soil, fertilization.


Revive Products Liquid Organic Fertilizer Green Lawn Lush Soil



Organic liquid fertilizer is a very good solution for your lawn. Applied in the recommended doses, it behaves both as a solution that provides all the essential nutrients for the growth and development of the lawn, but also plays a role of an extremely effective biostimulator that directly contributes to the process of photosynthesis and the development of the root and foliar systems.


Organic liquid fertilizers are 100% natural products, easy to assimilate by plants, their entire composition being 100% water soluble. It must be applied in the vegetative months.


More characteristics of organic liquid fertilizer:

  • It is suitable for all types of lawn.
  • Due to its special composition, it has an immediate effect and remains in the soil for a longer period of time.
  • The gradual release of nutrients improves the activity of microorganisms in the soil and favors the formation of humus.
  • It reduces stress and increases the resistance to drought, to winter weather conditions, as well as the resistance of the lawn to traffic.
  • Due to the nutrients it contains, it also ensures a uniform growth of the lawn.
where to buy
how it works