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Organic Lawn Care Tips for Inexperienced Homeowners

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The lawn ensures a beautiful aspect of your yard, providing it an elegant and neat look. However, in order to have a lawn as perfect as that on a golf course, you have to make an effort and take a series of measures of organic lawn care. Simply throwing some seeds on a certain surface of your garden will not guarantee a beautiful lawn. You need to dedicate it time for maintenance, which includes a series of recurring activities. Fortunately, some of these activities can now be automated: irrigation (by installing irrigation programmers) or trimming (by using robot-type clippers).


Other activities, however, such as fertilization, require special attention.

Fertilize Your Lawn Revive Organic Lawn Care


If you do not want to use chemicals, organic fertilization of the lawn is also a very effective option. You can use compost or lawns dedicated to the biohumus. Natural hardening agents are used when the lawn does not suffer from more serious deficiencies. Thanks to them, the amount of humus in the substrate can be increased.  A big advantage of organic fertilizers is the fact that you will not over-fertilize the lawn.


How often should you fertilize the lawn?

Fertilization is recommended 3-4 times a year, to provide the essentials to your lawn and to stimulate its growth.


When is the best time to apply organic fertilizer?

The best months to apply fertilizer on the lawn are March-April, June-July, August-September and November.

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