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Organic Lawn Care Solutions for Protecting Your Soil

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An organic lawn is maintained with natural fertilizers; incorporating any type of chemicals is out of the question. Due to this, it is a much more environmentally friendly alternative, being more and more used in domestic gardens. It is a durable option, because you avoid frequent expenses for the purchase of pesticides. In addition, it allows a better management of household waste, because organic waste is actually great to feed the lawn.

Revive Organic Fertilizer Healthy Lawn

Steps for organic lawn care

  • Assess the condition of the soil

Examine the soil and determine if it contains enough organic matter, has a balanced pH, and allows proper water drainage. These aspects are essential, because otherwise the grass is prone to remain weak and accumulate weeds.

  • Add topsoil and saw quality grass

The basis of the organic lawn must be built with topsoil (at least 6 inches), due to its high concentration of organic matter and microorganisms. This element allows the soil foundations to remain firm, provide them with good aeration and store the water needed to grow. The grass planted must be of good quality, adapted to the local climate and to the way the lawn is exploited.

  • Feed the lawn and care for it regularly

Add layers of organic compost, water the lawn properly and mow it so that it looks even and is high enough to counteract the intensity of the sun. Constantly monitor the lawn to detect weeds and remove them promptly.  You can also look for organic fertilizer Denver stores offer for quick and easy results.

where to buy
how it works