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Is There Any Way to Reverse the Effects of Brown Patches on your Lawn?

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Lawn owners know very well that the beauty of their yard can be overshadowed by unattractive brown patches in the grass. These may have different causes:brown patches lawn help minerals oxygen water revive products

  • Fertilizers/ chemicals
  • Pets urinating on the lawn
  • Fungi
  • Dryness

Early treatment is the key to preventing fungal pathogens from germinating and spreading, and you can choose from many effective fungicides.

The choice of disease-resistant grass varieties also plays an important role in preventing the appearance of brown patches. Superior varieties of grass, resistant to dryness, aggressive UV rays and diseases, can give you the best results in terms of durability and consolidation of your lawn.

If more than 40% of the grass is covered by brown patches, you should consider replanting your lawn, by adding new seeds and starting from scratch. On the other hand, if you have less than 40% of your lawn damaged, removing the dry grass and oversowing the lawn will be enough to fill in patches and to protect it from the invasion of weeds and diseases.

However, keep in mind that if you do not analyze the soil, you will never know exactly what problem causes the brown patches on lawn and you may end up fertilizing repeatedly, without results. Therefore, a soil test will tell you what to do.

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