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How To Make Grass Green Organically And Safely

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The lawn can provide a special look to your yard, elegant and neat, but in order tohow to landscape obtain green grass have a lawn like that, a series of measures and efforts are required. Simply throwing seeds on the soil will not guarantee obtaining a beautiful lawn and leaves you with the question of how to make grass green.

Organic fertilization is an efficient, environmentally friendly and often cheaper way to add the necessary nutrients to the soil. Here are the most common natural fertilizers, what chemicals they contain and how to use them to enjoy a beautiful green lawn.

Types of natural fertilizers

  • Organic fertilizers: they consist of manure or plant debris. Organic fertilizer is applied so that the fresh organic matter does not come into contact with the roots of the plants (they can burn them). The materials must either be turned into compost before planting, or placed on the surface and incorporated 5-10 cm deep, by plowing the soil.
  • Natural mineral fertilizers: represent the next stage, after organic fertilization, and are used in small quantities to balance organic matter. Insoluble minerals used as fertilizers may include algae, calcium carbonates, natural phosphates and rock powder.
  • Soil amendments: they are used to improve the physical and biological properties of the soil, mainly to correct the pH. For example, calcium and limestone are used for alkaline soils, and calcium sulphate (gypsum) and sulfur are used for acidic soils.

Make Your Grass Greener With Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Many homeowners are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of their decisions and choosing to have their lawns cared for without chemical fertilizers. This allows them to maintain a strong grass growth without adding potentially harmful chemicals to the soil or water and making your lawn much greener.

It is important to understand the current state of your lawn before you can choose the best organic fertilizer to make your grass green. Do you think it is healthy? Does it need regular care? Is it suffering from a nutrient problem? Is the lawn still pale green after fertilizer has been applied? It is highly recommended that you perform a soil test before applying fertilizer. This will allow you to determine the soil’s pH and nutrient level. These test results can be used to help you make a decision about fertilizer.

It is important to consider the condition of your lawn when choosing fertilizer. You should choose a fertilizer that has a high N content and little P and K if the grass is strong, dense, and green. There are many types of organic fertilizers

Types of Organic Fertilizers

There are three types of organic lawn fertilizer ingredients: mineral-based, animal-based and plant-based. Most products combine a variety of these types to provide the best balance of major and secondary nutrients. You may find a product that only contains one ingredient, or a combination of several ingredients from the same type.

Animal Based

Animal-based fertilizers include bone meal, blood meal, feather meal and fish emulsion. These products gradually break down over time and provide lawns and gardens with long-lasting benefits.

Plant Based

Alfalfa meal and kelp meal are all plant-based fertilizer ingredients. These materials are converted into plant food faster than animal products by soil microbes. These microbes have a rapid impact on the soil, often in a matter of days or weeks.

Concentrated forms of plant food elements such as sulfur, dolomitic lime, gypsum and greensand are found in mineral-based fertilizer ingredients. They increase trace nutrient levels, and eliminate soil deficiencies.

Liquid or Granules?

Both liquid and granular organic fertilizers work in harmony with soil microbes. The fertilizer is applied to soil and bacteria and fungi eat the nutrients. They release the nutrients in a controlled manner and in a form that is easily available to plants.

The rate at which soil absorbs liquid fertilizers and dry organic fertilizers will determine the difference. The slow breakdown of dry, granular fertilizers feeds the lawn slowly over the course several months. Because of the small particle size and availability of moisture, liquid organic fertilizers work quicker. For a quick boost in nutrients, choose liquid fertilizer.

The lawn can sometimes appear yellow, even when all three nutrients are present. This is an indication of iron deficiency. A lawn fertilizer that contains supplemental iron will give you a deeper green.

When to Apply Fertilizer to Make Your Lawn Greener

Spring and autumn are good times to amend soil structure. This helps grass roots make the most of the fertilizer you provide. You can top-dress your soil with organic compost if you aren’t sure of what it needs. This will balance the soil’s pH and increase water retention in sandy soils as well as drainage in clay soils.

When should you fertilize your lawn. Your lawn will be able to use an organic fertilizer all summer long if it is applied around Memorial Day. Apply an organic fertilizer twice a year if your grass is healthy and green. This will be around Independence Day. The final application of fertilizer should be made in the early fall, around Labor Day. This last application will allow your grass to store nutrients in its roots. This will result in faster greening and thicker growth next spring.

Mowing Matters

Do not cut your grass any shorter than 3 inches. This will cause extra stress to your lawn. If you have an organic lawn, shaggy grass is better than short. Short grass also has a shorter root system which encourages weed growth and increases food requirements. One-third of the leaf blade should be removed at a time. To prevent browning and shredded edges, keep your mower blades sharp.

Mow, water and fertilize your turf to prevent weeds, pests and fungal diseases. Regular mowing, a healthy root system and a consistent source of nutrients will help lawn grass resist any diseases and pests. Intentional lawn management can help prevent problems and give you more time to enjoy your green lawn.

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