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How To Keep My Dog From Ruining Our Grass

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Dog spots are a common problem of the lawn that occurs when your dog urinates on the grass. If you have already encountered this, you know how frustrating it can be and especially how difficult it is to prevent. There are many remedies on how to bring back dead grass from dog urine, but most of them prove to be inefficient and some may even make the situation worse.

Take Care Of Dead Grass From Dog Urine

The cause of the disease

The burning of the lawn is caused by the nitrogen in the dog’s urine. Because it contains a lot of nitrogen, when the dog urinates it is as if the grass would be treated with fertilizer, which, in small quantities, is really beneficial, but in large quantities it causes grass burning. The prevention of the disease consists in reducing the amount of nitrogen that comes in contact with the grass.

Solving the problem

Successful prevention and treatment of burned lawns often requires a multi-step approach.

  • Soak the area where the dog urinated with water, to dilute the urine.
  • Feed the dog with quality food, with protein content that does not exceed his daily requirements. Quality food contains several sources of digestible protein, favoring a decrease of the nitrogen content in the urine.
  • Teach the dog to urinate elsewhere
  • Use grass seeds that are more resistant to this problem, such as Fescue and Ryegrass; avoid Bermuda and Kentucky bluegrass.


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