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How to Help your Lawn in a Drought

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Summer, cloudless skies and the sun are the best reasons to spend your time outdoors. However, high temperatures can have a negative effect on your lawn and garden if you do not take care of it properly.hand above lawn length organic care

Here are tips to help your organic lawn care in a drought.

  • Allow the lawn to grow a little longer – longer length of the grass protects the soil from the sun and prevents dryness, which will keep the lawn green for longer.
  • Mow the lawn regularly – we recommend that you mow it every two weeks to prevent damage to the grass and the spread of weeds.
  • If you were gone for a while and the lawn became too long, do not cut it too short at once – do this gradually, by adjusting the blades of the mower each time.
  • Avoid planting new lawn – it needs to be watered often in order to grow, so it is best to do this in spring or autumn.

If you have some other plants too, you should get the most out of every watering, otherwise they can become an easy target for pests and various diseases, during drought periods. As for this, you can water them either manually or through irrigation systems, depending on what you have.

Be careful when choosing to water your plants: never do it in the middle of the day! It is ideal to water the yard early in the morning or, if you do not have time, late in the evening.

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