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Can the Right Lawn Care Products Nurse Your Lawn Back to Health?

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Have you ever wished your lawn could look as beautiful and well-manicured as your neighbor’s? What if we told you the right lawn care products and a bit of effort can help nurse it back to health? Take a look at the following lawn care products and tips and find out how to get greener, healthier and more picturesque results.

Revive Lawn Care Products


Identifying the right lawn care products is the first step in taking your turf from dull to lush. Depending on your local climate and grass type, you may need to use different fertilizers and weed control products. Go for organic products, as they are designed with both safety and effectiveness in mind.



Another way to promote lawn health and beauty is to use a correct type of fertilizer. This is especially important in the early spring and summer. To encourage healthy root growth, deep nourishment and vibrant colors, organic supplements containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium will do the trick.



Mowing regularly is a critical part of the recipe for a healthy lawn. How often it needs trimming depends on the grass type and the season, but a good rule is 3-5 times per month. This will lead to a thicker and greener result.



Put simply, your lawn needs about an inch of water per week. A soaker hose or an underground sprinkler system are the most effective solutions out there. Only water when you need to, as too much moisture can cause moss growth and weak root systems.

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