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Avoiding Long Term Damage to Your Grass by Dog Urine

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Sharing your backyard with a canine companion can be one of the best things, that is, until the dog’s urine spoils your lawn, causing the appearance of brown spots in grass. Fortunately, you can avoid long term damage to your lawn after it has been destroyed by dog urine if you use adequate information and lawn repair products and methods.

Brown spots in grass use Revive

The burning of the grass is caused by nitrogen in the dog’s urine, therefore preventing the problem consists in reducing the amount of nitrogen that comes into contact with the plants.

This approach can be done in several ways:

  • Soak with water the area where the dog urinated, to dilute the urine.
  • Feed the dog with quality food, containing digestible proteins that are useful to the dog and also favors the decrease of the nitrogen content in the urine.
  • Encourage the dog to consume more fluids, which will also help dilute urine and ultimately reduce the possibility of burning the grass. Small amounts of soup added in the water that the animal drinks will help increase its retention.
  • Teach the dog to urinate in less visible places.
  • When planting the lawn, use grass varieties that are more resistant to the urine of dogs. Avoid Kentucky bluegrass and Bermuda varieties, because they are the most fragile, and opt for perennial ryegrass or fescue.
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