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Advantages Of Using Organic Liquid Fertilizer This Summer

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It is estimated that, in general, the application of fertilizers can lead to a 40-60% increase in production. The type of fertilizer (organic or chemical) greatly regulates the quality of the product obtained. Farmers around the world use chemical fertilizers, but recently there has been a return to the use of organic liquid fertilizers, due to the long-term benefits obtained by applying them.

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Among the benefits of applying organic liquid fertilizers we mention:

  • Maintaining soil fertility: Organic matter stores macro and microelements that are gradually released into the soil under the influence of microorganisms and environmental factors. In addition to the supply of nutrients by applying organic fertilizers, the soil structure, aeration, water retention and infiltration capacity are improved and will help eliminate brown spots in grass for a lush lawn.
  • Reducing soil erosion: By the presence of a larger amount of organic matter in the soil, especially in sandy soils, erosion caused by wind is reduced.
  • Reducing the amount of mineral nitrogen: by 20 – 50%, if it is administered together with mineral fertilizers, especially with the phosphate fertilizers.
  • Safe environment: organic fertilizers are easily biodegradable and do not cause environmental pollution.
  • Non-toxic foods: The use of these fertilizers creates the premise that the food obtained will have a low content of harmful chemicals.


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