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4 Tips on How to Treat Grass for Dog Urine

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Lawn care is a difficult process at best, and it gets even trickier if you own a pet. Dealing with dog urine on your lawn can be a common issue for pet owners, but one that’s pretty challenging to say the least.

Treat Grass For Dog Urine Get Green Lawn

Here are four of the best tips to help you treat grass for dog urine and keep it looking healthy:


  1. Dilute the Urine: One way to minimize the damage from dog urine is to dilute it. After your dog urinates, immediately water the area thoroughly. This helps dilute the urine and prevent concentrated nitrogen from burning the grass.
  2. Choose Resilient Grass Varieties: Consider planting grass varieties that are more resistant to dog urine damage. For example, Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass tend to handle urine better than some other types. Consult with a local garden center or natural lawn treatment expert for grass seed recommendations suited to your region.
  3. Designate a Potty Area: Train your dog to use a designated area for potty breaks, away from the main lawn. This can help concentrate urine damage in one spot rather than spreading it across the entire lawn.
  4. Amend the Soil: Soil amendments can help neutralize the effects of urine. In certain cases, gypsum or lime can be added to the soil to raise pH levels and reduce acidity caused by urine.


Consistent maintenance, including regular watering and the use of organic lawn fertilizer, is essential to keep your grass healthy. Additionally, you might have to consult with a local lawn care professional or veterinarian for more tailored advice on dealing with dog urine damage in your specific area and with your particular breed of dog.

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