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Why It’s Important To Choose Organic Lawn Fertilizer

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When it comes to lawn fertilizers, you can choose between mineral fertilizers and organic fertilizers. When it comes to mineral fertilizers, you will often encounter the term NPK. NPK refers to nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

Why are these elements important?

Nitrogen is needed for growing. Phosphorus strengthens the roots and provides healthy and beautiful flowers, leaves and fruits. As about Potassium, it protects the grass against environmental stresses, helping it better resist drought.

There are short-term and long-term mineral fertilizers the difference consisting in the rate of nutrient release.

As about organic fertilizers, they also have a long-term effect. They come from different sources such as dung, as well as animal, vegetable or fish waste. One of the advantages of commercial organic fertilizer is that it comes in granulated form, for easier spreading and measurement. Some types are also in liquid form, but liquids can be more difficult to spread evenly. Also, you can resort to natural bio-fertilizers (mulch, compost).

Among the benefits of applying organic fertilizers, we mention:

  • maintaining soil fertility
  • improving soil structure, aeration, water retention and soil infiltration capacity
  • reducing soil erosion
  • allowing the reduction of mineral nitrogen dosage by 20-50%
  • safe environment (organic fertilizers are bio-degradable and no pollutant)

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where to buy
how it works