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When Should I Stop Mowing My Lawn for Fall?

Friday, September 21st 2018 posted by Revive

Fall is the season when drastic changes take place in the garden and on the lawn and also the season when most gardeners move their lawn mower to the shed to leave the machine there until the next spring. By now, the question of how to make grass green should not be an issue.  The mowing strategy needs to change a bit before the last mow, though – most experts recommend raising the mower blade by around half an inch when fall starts to settle in and the weather becomes a bit colder (if you normally mow when the grass is 3 inches tall, make it 3 and a half during the last of month).

The date when the last mowing should take place depends entirely on the weather – there is no specific date for the last mowing. As a general rule, you can stop mowing your lawn in fall when the lawn tells you to stop, that is, when the grass leaves stop growing. If you don’t cut more than about an inch off the top of the grass, you can decide to leave the clippings on the grass until the layer of clippings dries – many experts agree that the clippings contain valuable nutrients that can be absorbed by the grass and can make your grass stronger and more resistant during the winter.