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What Time Of Day Is Best For Fertilizing Your Lawn In The Fall

Tuesday, October 23rd 2018 posted by Revive

Winter is knocking on the door, bringing with it uncertain climatic conditions. It can be very cold, with a lot of snow but also rainy with many temperature fluctuations. In each case, the lawn is exposed to significant stress. To support the lawn to overcome these conditions, we must provide it appropriate organic lawn care products for winter nutrition. In addition to regular trimming and watering, fertilization is also required.

Usually the lawn is fertilized approximately 3 times a year: in spring (March - April), summer (June - August) and autumn (September - October). The most effective is autumn fertilization. Why? Because the lawn will make a stock of carbonate hydrates. This will keep it strong during the winter and push it to grow abundantly in the spring.

The fertilizer develops the roots, increases the resistance of the grass to frost, reduces the risk of fungal diseases that typically attack the grass, increases the lawn`s resistance to drought and other stress factors, maintains compact growth and, at the same time, the lawn becomes more resistant to traffic.

The time of the day when the fertilizer must be applied may depend on its type. Make sure to always read the manufacturer's instructions carefully.