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What Grass Is Good For Colorado Lawns?

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The average temperature in Colorado is 72 degrees a year, so the lawn planted in the yards across the state must be rather suitable for cool weather. However not all cool season grasses can be planted successfully here, because there are individual particularities for each lawn.Best Grasses For Your Area

Read on about the most common grass planted successfully on Colorado lawns.

Kentucky Bluegrass

This type of grass is very tolerant and sturdy, which makes it resistant to damage. However, it also forms a lot of thatch, therefore aeration is necessary once a year. Kentucky Bluegrass is also disease and insect prone, so you will likely have to work on eliminating these pests.

Perennial ryegrass

This is another tough types of grass, suitable for yards with foot traffic. It maintains its vibrant green all year long and it does not form as much thatch as the Kentucky bluegrass.  Perennial ryegrass will grow even in poorly drained soil.

Fine-balanced Fescues

Fescues prefer shady areas, so it is ideal for lawns that are not exposed to the sun all day long. This grass needs very little moisture and fertilizer to flourish and is the perfect drought tolerant grass for states that lack of moisture.

Buffalo grass

This type of grass is not the prettiest, but it can survive at high elevations in Colorado.

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