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Tips For Applying Fall Lawn Fertilizer At The Right Time

Wednesday, October 17th 2018 posted by Revive

We are generally accustomed to the idea of spring lawn fertilization, but do not let the cooler temperatures fool you. Autumn is actually the best season for this operation which does not take too long, but it is very efficient; it strengthens the roots of the lawn, providing a solid foundation to thrive next spring.

Two fertilizer applications are required to prepare the lawn for the winter. Early in September, the lawn usually recovers after the warm and dry summer, so you will want to give it a dose of fertilizer to accelerate the growth of the leaves.

While this September dose is important, a further application at the end of October or early in November is essential.

Lawn fertilizers will push the growth of roots throughout November and even early December. By helping roots to grow before winter comes, you will ensure a quicker apparition of the grass in the spring. The bonus is an increased resistance to disease and drought.  You can find some of the best lawn fertilizers from Revive of Colorado to nourish your lawn.

It is best to start with a soil test that will show you exactly what nutrients are missing. Test the nitrogen and potassium levels as well as the soil pH. Also, make sure the soil is not too dry, when you apply the fertilizer. If this is the case, it is best to irrigate, then wait a day to apply the fertilizer, otherwise the nutrients will not be absorbed properly.