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Not All Fertilizer Is Created Equally

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Each fertilizer used, whether it is compost or manure, has a particular effect on soil composition. And each fertilizer works differently. The nutritional needs of the plants are not the same, therefore not all fertilizer is created equally: grass has other needs than shrubs, which in turn have other needs than tomatoes for example.

Grass Fertilizer Different Fertilizers

In addition to a number of microelements, such as copper, sulfur or magnesium, all plants need four main nutrients:

  • nitrogen, which is the driving force of growth and the main element of proteins and chlorophyll
  • magnesium, also a key element of chlorophyll
  • phosphorus, which encourage flowering
  • potassium, which strengthen the plant tissue and ripen fruits

Different types of plants need different amounts of these nutrients, as does the process to treat grass for dog urine spots.

What about organic fertilizers?

According to the information we have, the plant itself is not interested whether it receives nutrients from an organic fertilizer or from an artificial fertilizer. Whether or not they benefit from an organic fertilizer, the nutrients absorbed by the plant are not processed according to their origin, but according to the needs of the plant.

In this context, the main benefit of the organic fertilizer is that it is usually friendlier to the soil and to the small creatures that live in it.


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