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Not All Bugs Are Bad

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There are over eight million species of insects, of which about one million are known and inventoried. Among these known insects there is a short list of beneficial insects for the garden.

Lawn And Garden Fertilizer Won't Harm Good Bugs

  • Chrysopa larvae, also called “ aphid lion”, devour the harmful aphids. Adults are pale green-brown, with large wings and feed on flower nectar. Larvae are predators of aphids, butterflies, plant fleas, moth eggs and small caterpillars.
  • The lovely butterflies feed on the larvae of harmful insects and with other parasites of the garden. Butterflies are more active at maturity.
  • Assain bugs are also good in the garden, because they devour insect eggs, aphids, leafhoppers, boll weevils and more.
  • Woodlice are also garden friendly, as they overturn the soil and contribute to producing compost,
  • Pirate bugs are also on the list of garden beneficial insects because they destroy lice and ticks. Adults, who are also the most active, have white V-shaped lines on their black backs.
  • Ground beetles live under stones or wood in the garden. Adult ground beetles are commonly seen in gardens; they have a dark metallic shade, and their larvae eliminate caterpillars, aphids, parasites, snails and other harmful insects. They are extremely useful in the garden, and to attract them just place stones and logs in the grass, as they love to live underneath them, using the best lawn fertilizer and organic to promote healthy grass will also attract them and not hurt them.
where to buy
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