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Native Colorado Plants That Are Great For Your Garden

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If you live in Colorado, there are a few good reasons why you should choose native plants for gardening.

First, they are beautiful. Colorado provides a wide range of gorgeous plants and flowers that look amazing and unique in any garden. Native plants have also evolved to withstand local environment and weather conditions, so they typically require lower care and water than vegetation coming from other areas. If you fertilize, you can also use organic lawn care products for use for your plants.  Weather in Colorado is hot and dry during the warmest months; therefore native plants are drought-tolerant and fruitful during the entire season.

Another great argument for growing native Colorado plants in your garden is that, this way, you will also help local fauna. Native plants are in symbiotic relationship with countless of bees, butterflies, birds and beasts that need their habitat to survive – and this is exactly what you offer them.

Growing native Colorado plants will make your garden different than standard gardens with marigolds and pansies.

So, enjoy the uniqueness of these beautiful species:

• Wood’s rose, blossoming into purple flowers atop red

• Golden currant, Rubber rabbitbrush and Sulphur flower, all yielding beautiful yellow flowers

• Spiderwort, producing powerful blue small flowers, perfect for gardens that exist near the mountains

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