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How To Prevent Water Runoff On Your Lawn

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In some locations, rainwater in the yard is a real problem: either it is pooling on the property, or flowing too fast from the roof, flooding the lawn, garden or basement. The best way to prevent this problem is to ensure that the drainage system is functioning properly and that the water is directed to safe areas.

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Why don’t we just let the soil do its job?

If you have seen a yard ignored by its owner, you know why: water, especially that which flows quickly from the roofs and on the small slopes has a tendency to dig small valleys, so the landscape will not look pleasant at all. Add to that the mud carried around on your feet, the traces left on the wet ground and you will get a not-so-pleasant picture.  It’s best to use products from Revive to improve your soil and help it to absorb the water on your lawn and garden areas.

Introducing permeable pavements, pebble alleys, and mini-ponds to capture rain water, you reduce its negative effects and maintain a ni9ce environment in our own backyard.

  1. Permeable pavements

These allow you to do any activity you would carry on a classic pavement, but the bonus is that they also allow the passage of water into the soil below and promote vegetation growth.

  1. Stones and gravel beds

They are mainly used for reinforcing storm water collecting areas, but also for making temporary alleys and small ponds. They are simple to install, and if there are stones in your area, they will integrate very nicely into the landscape.

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