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How To Bring Back Dead Grass From Dog Urine

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Lawn burning is caused by nitrogen in the dog’s urine. Because it contains a lot of nitrogen, when the dog urinates it is as if the grass is treated with fertilizer, which, used in small measures is really beneficial, but in large measures kills the grass, causing those unaesthetic brown spots. Prevention of this problem consists in reducing the amount of nitrogen that comes into contact with the grass.puppy spot treatment revive lawn

Successful prevention and treatment to restore your lawn often requires a multi-step approach.

  1. Soak urine stains with water. After the dog urinates, add a few cups of water on that spot, to dilute urine.
  2. Encouraging the dog to consume more liquids as well as quality food will help dilute the urine naturally and ultimately reduce the possibility of lawn burning. Small amounts of soup added in the water will help increase its retention.
  3. Teach the dog to urinate in other places. This approach is very effective for owners who do not want to add supplements to their dog`s food.
  4. Replant your lawn using urine-resistant grass. The most resistant are the perennial ryegrass and fescue; on the other hand, you should avoid Kentucky bluegrass and Bermuda, as they are more fragile.
  5. Apply a special treatment to the lawn, which fixes and neutralizes the nitrogen.
  6. Do not stress the lawn with too much or too little fertilizer and water it as often as possible

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where to buy
how it works