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Fertilizing Tips For Your Houseplants

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Houseplants do not benefit from the natural nutrient supply like those that grow in the garden. The solution lies in the use of fertilizers – chemical or natural. Natural fertilizers are preferred, because chemicals will inevitably reach the indoor air that we breathe.

Liquid Fertilizer For House Plants

Depending on the type of fertilizer used, it is vital to know certain things.

Liquid fertilizer

It is always administered after you have watered the plant, so that the roots do not suddenly absorb too much mineral salts. The best dilution of liquid fertilizers is 1 measure to 5 liters of water, if there are no other indications from the manufacturer.

Use the organic liquid fertilizer solution at every watering, during the fertilization period specific to each house plant. When the weather is very hot, you can alternate watering using the fertilization solution with watering using just water.

Granulated fertilizer

Its main advantage is that it can be evenly distributed on the surface of the substrate, at the dose recommended by the manufacturer. You must simply scratch the surface of the substrate and spread the granules.

Fertilizer sticks

You must put one in each pot by sticking it into the substrate, but make sure to avoid their contact with the roots of the plant.

Foliar fertilizer

This type of fertilizer gets absorbed by the plant through its leaves. It is applied by spraying the leaves. You should take the plant out when you do this operation, to prevent contamination of food or surfaces in the house with fertilizer!


where to buy
how it works