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Bring Your Dead Grass Back to Life: Tips and Tricks for Dog Urine Damage

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It is such a joy to see your dog running and playing around on your lawn, but pets can also cause lawn problems, manifesting itself in the form of inaesthetic brown spots on the grass. Basically, the grass gets burned on certain areas, and the cause is the dog’s urine.

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Portions of the lawn burned by salts in the urine are often confused with other lawn diseases. The clear indication that this is not a disease, but a burn caused by animal urine is the regularity of dry regions: a dry area, bordered by vigorous, healthy lawn. In addition, most dogs prefer to use only some areas, over and over again.


As a rule, female dogs can cause more damage to the lawn than males, due to their specific behavior (they urinate on a concentrated area and do not spray around, as male dogs do).


What can be done?

  1. The best prevention is to train your dog properly, so that they do not urinate anywhere they feel like.
  2. If, however, it is not possible to control the behavior of the dog, try to limit the damage that they could do, through their diet. Some food will naturally dilute their urine, making it less harmful to the lawn.
  3. Irrigate abundantly and treat grass for dog urine on the affected areas the lawn dog. In this way the salts in the urine are diluted, and the damage to the grass will be reduced.
  4. Burns in the lawn are caused by the nitrogen in the urine of the animal. Reducing the amount of nitrogen in the process of fertilization will also help to reduce the problem.
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