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Leaves Are Lovely

Green leaves in the growing season, bright colors in the fall, and evergreen pine needles all year long provide one of nature’s beautiful sights to behold. There’s more to leaves than just looks! Like the human species, they inhale and exhale. Only thing is, they breathe in our exhale (carbon dioxide) and put out what […]

The Importance of Getting a Head Start on Your Spring Lawn and Garden Projects

With spring cleaning to look forward to, a lot of homeowners dread all the activities that spring will bring, and prefer to start early. This is a definite possibility with garden and lawn care projects, and you’ll find that starting them early can be very rewarding as well, for a number of good reasons: For […]

The Advantages of Composting – How Can Composting Help Your Lawn and Garden?

Composting is a great solution when considering an eco-friendly lawn and garden that gets all the best nutrients. Here are just a few of the many benefits that composting can bring you: The first benefit to know about is that composting is an extremely low-cost solution when compared to other means by which you can […]

Fertilizing Tips For Your House Plants

Fertilization of house plants should be started after carefully observing their behavior and respecting their rhythms. Effective organic fertilization involves the precise dosage a plant needs, administered at the right time. In practice, however, the intake of fertilizer is always empirical. We do not know precisely the needs of the plant and the concentration of […]

What Should You Do With Lawn Dog Spots During Winter?

A major problem many dog owners must face is lawn dog spots. They appear when dogs urinate on the lawn, because their urine contains a high percentage of nitrogen that causes the apparition of brown spots on the grass. Although the grass actually needs nitrogen for growing, dog urine releases a concentrated amount of nitrogen […]

Native Colorado Plants That Are Great For Your Garden

If you live in Colorado, there are a few good reasons why you should choose native plants for gardening. First, they are beautiful. Colorado provides a wide range of gorgeous plants and flowers that look amazing and unique in any garden. Native plants have also evolved to withstand local environment and weather conditions, so they […]

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