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3 Tips for Using Organic Liquid Fertilizer Effectively

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Organic liquid fertilizer is an excellent way to replenish the nutrients in your soil. It is also well-suited for a variety of growing conditions, from potted plants to gardens. Get the most out of your organic liquid fertilizer application with these three tips.

Organic Liquid Fertilizer Tips

Choose the right formula

When purchasing organic liquid fertilizer, select a formula that is tailored to your plants’ nutrient needs. Look for a liquid fertilizer that provides the right macronutrients and micronutrients for your particular plants. You may want to even do some research on fertilizer labeling to make sure you are getting the right ratio of elements.


Test the soil

Testing your soil allows you to determine the exact nutrient content in the soil. This way you can ensure the correct application rate of organic liquid fertilizer to replenish the nutrients in the soil. Not only will testing the soil give you an accurate indication of the existing nutrient content, it will also reveal the proper balance for optimal growth.


Moisture matters

It is important to make sure the soil is moist so the fertilizer can be absorbed and reaches the root system of the plant. Additionally, water the plant after an application of organic liquid fertilizer to reduce any leaf-burn and to ensure the fertilizer has been evenly distributed throughout the soil. It is also recommended to apply fertilizer in the morning, rather than afternoon, so the water does not evaporate before it can reach the roots.

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