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Landscaping with Rocks and Stones: Natural Elements for Your Outdoor Space

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Landscaping with rocks and stones is a great idea for any home or business. Large garden stones can be combined with small stones and create various arrangements as well as practical or ornamental alleys,  resulting in a relaxing space organization and dynamics.

Landscaping Organic Revive Products Foilage Stone Design Garden

How to plan a beautiful garden arrangement with stones:

  • Determine where stone arrangements would look best in your yard.
  • Search for decorating ideas by looking at other gardens arranged with stones and make a list of the elements you would like to include.
  • Once you get a picture, draw a general sketch. For a larger project, you should consider working with a landscape designer. Larger stones are a challenge in terms of transporting and laying them, so it is essential to know exactly where you want them.
  • Choose a style. Irregular and rough stones add a natural charm, while smooth pebbles and clean white gravel give a more formal look, as in the case of Japanese stone gardens and Zen stone gardens. Create a look that complements the style of your home, as well as the rest of your yard.
  • Always take ideas and designs in a more natural direction. Random clusters of stones will seem more natural than laying them in organized patterns or neat rows.  To keep the foilage and lawn green around your stone design, use organic products from https://www.revive.com/ all year long.
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